What does gamnacke mean?

We’re not attuned to a life in front of the screen

We humans are engineers, we are constantly evolving, but our DNA is not as fast. It takes several thousand years before evolution changes anything about the body and its structure. The slow, but sure, evolution in some cases negatively affects us because our bodies are not fully designed to cope with what we want to do. An example of this is sitting at a screen on either data, mobile and tablet. Works.

The average Swede spends several hours per day in front of a screen. The tablet, smartphone and work computer influence several factors in our body, with one of the largest being the neck. When we sit in front of a screen, we often end up in an unnatural position. The head and neck are bent forward and down. If one is in this position continuously, one can get something called a skirmish, (also known as gamnacke).

Gamnacke at computer, mobile or tablet.

Why does vulture pain cause?

The fencing neck causes the posture to be curved and the shoulders to be easily pushed forward. Neck pain occurs and wear and tear can occur on both the neck and shoulders. It is not only screens that can cause this type of pain in the neck. Any form of one-sided use in static positions often causes pain. Professions such as welder, cook and carpenter are just a few examples of occupational groups at risk.

When our neck is bent at a 60 degree angle (that is, when the nose is pointing to the ground or the mobile), the muscles of the neck must work with forces that amount to just over 5 times more than normal. A load on the neck that in the long run inevitably causes damage. In the illustration you can see how much the head loads the disks between the vertebrae at different angles.

Textneck illustrations.