History of Spineband

Spineband was founded in 2011 by Lars Grenander. He had extreme neck pain and thought that his career as a welder was over. Lars had tried everything to get rid of his neck pain, including massage and physiotherapy, but nothing worked. Then Lars attached an elastic cord between his belt and the welding helmet when he worked. Soon Lars noticed that the pain in his neck disappeared.

Lars contacted Rolf Wihred (Lecturer at Örebro University) and was soon confirmed that Lars was on to something. “Anatomy with movement theory and strength training (2012)”) and received confirmation that this was the right way to go, then the process of developing a product that everyone can use started, but first Spineband was patented in large parts of the world.

Then the process of developing Spineband begun, a product that everyone can use. Spineband got patented in large parts of the world. A first prototype was produced, it was reviewed by group panels consisting of physiotherapists. The product was developed into what it is today after a good collaboration with our design department in Borås, physiotherapists and Lars.

  • In 2019, we established our logistics center in Trollhättan.
  • In 2020, the product was CE marked, which means that healthcare can use it in its surgery and recommend it.

Spineband works continuously to further develop functionality, fit and design, as well as find new products and areas of use. Our goal is to help people and prevent neck pain.

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Lars Grenander – inventor of Spineband