For a healthier neck

Spineband is a revolutionary Swedish support for those who have neck pain, put daily strain on their neck and do not want to expose it to future neck pain.

For a healthier neck

Spineband is a revolutionary Swedish aid for those who have a sore neck, daily strain their neck or do not want to expose it to future neck pain.


About 10% of Sweden’s population suffers from neck pain, half of these have disabilities as a result of their pain. In industry today, various forms of protective equipment are required, these can weigh down the head and lead to additional stress on the neck.

We are here to reduce the problems

Spineband is a revolutionary Swedish aid for those who have neck pain or daily overload your neck and do not want to expose it to future stress. Spineband helps the neck muscles to relax so that you will avoid neck pain for good!

Why do you get neck pain?

Evolution has adapted the human body for hunting, keeping an eye out for danger and using our body and neck. In today’s society, we don’t live that way, we’re much more static.

A fully grown person’s head weighs about 5kg. When we tilt our heads forward 30 degrees during a shift as a tattoo artist or fitter, the force that affects the neck is more than three times as high. If you work as a welder or any other profession that requires additional equipment such as a helmet, then the strain on the neck increases even more.

Grazing animals such as cows or horses have an elastic tendon in their necks, evolution has given them a “Spineband of Nature”. This means that they are not affected by a forward-leaning position as we humans are. Even people have an elastic tendon but unfortunately it is not as developed on us humans.

Textneck illustrations.

Results of neck pain

If a skilled worker has pain during the shift, it can lead to reduced productivity and efficiency. It can also lead to a poorer end result and loss of production. Not to mention the increased cost of illness for both workers and employers as well as the elevated burden on colleagues.

  • Lower productivity
  • High costs of sick leave
  • High cost of medical care
  • Higher load on colleagues
  • Lower quality of life

“Back and neck problems account for most cases of illness. Musculoskeletal disorders, especially neck and back problems, are by far the most common occupational disease for women and the fourth most common in men.”

Unit of Intervention and Implementation Research in Occupational Health, Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet 2018

When do I use Spineband?

There are two purposes for using Spineband, for preventive purposes and for healing purposes. If a person wants to use Spineband as a preventive measure, we recommend that the person use Spineband when it risks putting too much strain on the neck through a static neck position.

If a person has neck problems, we recommend that the person use Spineband for at least 30-60 minutes per day. You can use it during a walk, while watching TV or performing some other everyday chore. For best results, we recommend it along with neck strengthening exercises.

30-60 minutes

You just need to use Spineband for 30-60 minutes a day.

How should I use Spineband?

In order for Spineband to work and be comfortable, it is important that you use the product properly. An easy way to test if you use Spineband correct is to stand upright with Spineband on, in this position you should not feel Spineband at all, it is only when you tilt your head forward that Spineband should receive and provide support.


You can easily adjust Spineband so it fits both your body and support your neck


Spineband help the neck to get into a natural position, relieve the neck and support proper posture.


There are several accessories that you can use with Spineband.


Allows the Spineband to be attached to your favourite cap.

Elastic loop

Allows spineband to be attached to various helmets.


Allows Spineband to be used without a headgear.


Spineband’s own cap with a built-in attachment.

For whom is Spineband suitable?

Some professions tear the neck and shoulders. Neck pain can occur in any work situation and can be due to lots of different reasons. For example, wrong load or overload of the neck, a monotonous working position. We do not only target a specific group of professions, we turn to you with neck pain.

Do you work with welding, assembling, carpentry, in front of a computer or in any other monotonous or demanding working position that can cause neck pain to occur? With the help of Spineband you can avoid future pain and injury to your neck.

Office work

The vast majority of people working in front of a computer have at some point felt discomfort and tension in the neck while working. Spineband provides a nice relief when working in front of the computer or can be used, for example, on a walk on your lunch break. Tests show that only 30 minutes of use per day for 1-2 weeks allows the pain to be reduced or disappear completely.


Chefs who have worked in the restaurant industry for a long time often have a sore neck. It is a profession with long shifts where you stand leaning forward over the workplace. By using Spineband 30-60 minutes after the shift, or why not during the work as a relief when you stand leaning forward for a long time so that you can focus on performing a good job!


Welding is a demanding job that is often carried out in a forward-leaning position with heavy equipment. It can be stressful to work a whole day without causing pain or tension aches in the neck. Spineband can be easily attached to the helmet’s adjustment wheel and reduce the weight impact of the head and helmet so that the load on the neck muscles is reduced. When you use Spineband, you have full freedom of movement and do not limit your professional execution, but vice versa!


Tattoo artists often sit in a very unnatural working position with a high load on the neck muscles. Long shifts and the static load mean that tattoo artists are a professional group that often suffers from neck pain. Spineband does not obstruct the precision of professional practice, you have equal freedom of movement in both hands and arms, but you get a nice relief for the neck when using Spineband.

Ground work / Construction work

People who work in an exposed environment with a high load on the body often experience neck pain and feel exhausted after a hard day’s work. Taking a walk with Spineband at lunch, or a walk back and forth from work, are examples that can help reduce pain in the neck, back and shoulders. It is easy to attach Spineband with the elastic loop at the back of the work helmet.


Working with heavy machinery involves very high loads on the neck, shoulders, back and arms. Spineband’s elastic loop can easily be attached to the adjustment knob at the back of the helmet. In this way, you can get relief while you are doing the work. It can make a diffrent, after the end of the working day you can feel a greater pleasure in the neck and back.

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