FAQ Spineband

Both works, but the most comfortable way is to have something lighter under you Spineband like a T-shirt, and to wear the Spineband under a sweather if you are wearing one. Soon comes Spineband Light which is a little lighter and thinner in its design. It is intended to have directly against the body.

Yes, it helps. If you use Spineband for about 30 minutes, up to an hour, a day, you will feel better after just a couple of days of use.

It can be machine washed if you have a gentle washing program in your washing machine. Otherwise, it is hand washing that applies. The headband part must be hand washed.

If you do not have the instruction, you can see the manual on the website.

You can contact support@spineband.se with your question. We can accommodate certain requests.

Try adjusting the buckle that sits on top of your head. Change so that the main part comes a little further down. Then it sits better in place.