Spineband Active

  • Spineband Active is suitable for those who live an active life and want to reduce neck problems.
  • Easy to adjust with one hand on the left side. Perfect when you are on the saddle and want to tighten quickly and smoothly.
  • Can be fastened in several different ways with the help of accessories.
  • Head ring, elastic loop and cap clip are included.
  • Use 30-60 minutes per day for good results.

Spineband Active provides relief to the neck and shoulders while supporting the correct posture. It helps your head to get into the natural position that your body has.

Active is perfect for those who play sports or need to have full focus on your work. It is easy to adjust with one hand, perfect if you are sitting on the saddle or standing and welding.

30-60 minutes a day is enough to help reduce or eliminate neck pain overall.

Spineband is CE marked