EMG test performed in a university environment by authorized personnel

Today’s sedentary and monotonous work contributes to neck pain, a hidden disease that affects about 40% of the Swedish people. Spineband is here to change that. The revolutionary technology relieves the neck and removes the pain.

What is EMG?

EMG, or electromyography as it is actually called, is a method used in medicine. The test measures the physical ability of nerves and muscles to conduct electrical signals. The results are presented in a graph that shows how the neck muscles are loaded. If the frequency in the muscles is high, the muscles are loaded more, and if the frequency is low, the load on the muscles is also low.

How does Spineband affect load?

When the elastic lines on the Spineband are tightened, the muscle activity of the neck is reduced, which in turn relieves the neck muscles. In the graph below, it can be clearly seen how muscle activity decreases sharply when the elastic lines on the Spineband are tightened. When the ropes are tensioned, Spineband instead works together with the nick muscles and allows the neck muscles to relax.

How should Spineband be used to achieve the same result?

By using Spineband 30-60 minutes per day, you relieve the neck muscles enough to reduce or remove the pain completely. Spineband is therefore perfect for a long walk, on the bike ride or on the sofa with the toad or phone. If you are already experiencing pain in the neck, we recommend Spineband Original, a stable vest that will help you get rid of neck pain. If you do not yet experience pain but constantly expose your neck to strain and high load, we recommend Spineband Active instead. The model is neater and perfect in the workshop or office.