What works against neck pain?

Man, like most other mammals, has 7 vertebrae in his neck. Something that we do not have, however, but that most mammals have, is something called ligamentum nuchae. A powerful tendon that, unlike all other tendons in the body, contains the organic and elastic material elastin. Thanks to the elasticity of this band, the head can be carried up without hindering movements forward and downward. The neck muscles of the animal need to work unnaturally hard. Many grazing animals have a specially designed strap that helps the neck hold up the heavy head despite one-sided static positions.

Just like animals, we humans are also different and we differ from individual to individual. The neck is an incredibly complex area with vertebrae, muscles and nerves. Everyone’s neck pain is individual and the cause of the problem therefore differs from person to person. What works for one may not work for another. However, there are several methods one can try to ease or get rid of their pain. Below we have listed our four best pieces of advice that you can try to get rid of neck pain.