What works against neck pain?

Humans, like most other mammals, have 7 vertebrae in their neck and a tendon called ligamentum nuchae. This tendon is well developed in grazing animals, which allows them to stand and graze for hours. In humans, this tendon has not developed at all to the same degree and does not provide the support in the neck that it provides to animals. Therefore, people who work in a forward-leaning position may need Spineband. Thanks to the elasticity of the Spineband, the neck can be relieved without obstructing forward, downward and lateral movements.

We humans differ from individual to individual and the neck is an incredibly complex area with vertebrae, muscles and nerves. Everyone’s neck pain is individual and the cause of the problem therefore differs from person to person. What works for one person may not work for another. However, there are several methods one can try to ease or get rid of their pain. Below we have listed our four best pieces of advice that you can try to get rid of neck pain.

Use Spineband

Spineband allows you to relieve the neck in forward-leaning head positions. Spineband is classified, according to us, as one of the most natural solutions to relieve the neck in a position that is unnatural for man.

Change position

Try not to stand in the same position all the time, vary how you work and take breaks to rest your neck.

Do not sit still, too long

Get up and move a little from time to time. We humans are not built to sit still, a walk sets your body in motion and activates the muscles.

Smooth movements

In addition to a walk, exercises with gentle movements are a great way to stretch out and activate the muscles.